Care Instructions

Before Application

Shampoo your hair thoroughly 24hrs before your date of appointment to remove any oil or product build up. Conditioner is not recommended, but if needed apply to the ends of your hair ONLY, as conditioners have a release agent that may result in the protein bond to soften and shed.

After Application

Do not use any products on the hair for 48hrs after the fusion is done, and use only a NATURAL BRISTLE Brush.

Maintenance appointments should be kept at least once a month for optimal results.

Your extensions can last from 2 to 4 months of which it must be removed.

Failure to attend maintenance appointments will forfeit any guarantees on hair.

What every MIZPAH–HAIR user should know:

  • Detangle your hair completely before washing
  • When washing your hair do not rub vigorously
  • Use a detangle spray to comb through the hair
  • Always use a soft Boar bristle brush
  • Always comb from bottom first and work your way up to the roots
  • For bonded hair do not apply heat to bonds with heated iron or hair dryer
  • Never leave hair wet or go to sleep with wet hair. Dry thoroughly after washing
  • Always tie your hair up before going to bed to avoid matting
  • Do not tie your hair up too tightly as it will put strain on the roots of the hair and bonds
  • Home colour may result to the damage of hair. Always consult a professional stylist.
  • Before removing bonds, always consult a professional stylist
  • Never try and remove bonds yourself as it will damage your  hair
  • Hair extensions must be washed and conditioned every couple of days using salon recommended products. Moisturizing your hair extensions is critical since this hair does not receive natural scalp oils.
  • Apply recommended salon conditioner only to the ends, keeping away from the protein bonds or rings to avoid slipping.
  • Please wait 48 hours before washing your hair, after your MIZPAH – HAIR bonding.
  • Use salon shampoo and conditioner as advised by your extensionist.
  • Do not leave your hair extensions in for longer than the recommended 3-4 months and only have it removed and re-bonded by a professional stylist
  • Remember, pulling or picking of extensions may result in your own hair breaking off

How to care for your M I Z P A H – H A I R when :


  • Detangle you hair before washing. Apply shampoo and massage the scalp gently all over, paying attention especially to the scalp.
  • Do not rub the hair together as this will cause tangling. Apply conditioner only to the ends, keeping away from the protein bonds (to avoid slipping). Squeeze excess water from the hair. Pat dry, do not rub.


  • Use soft bristle brush with wide teeth or a paddle brush with wide teeth. Start at the ends of your hair and brush in a downward motion and gently working your way up to you roots. Do not brush harshly.
  • Be careful of excessive heat directly onto the bonds. Blow- dryers and curling irons as direct application to the bond will melt the bond resulting in shedding. Make sure you use a heat protection spray/serum before and after you style your hair avoiding the bonds.

Blow Drying

  • Blow-dry the hair section by section, ensuring that each bond is dried properly
  • You can curl the ends with a hot brush or styling tongs. A round bristle styling brush accompanied with a little heat protector can also be used when blow-drying.


  • When swimming try to keep your hair out of the water. Salt-water and chlorine can cause the hair to tangle, mat and dry out. It is recommended to wear your hair up or in a ponytail or plat when you swim or exercise with a bit of leave in conditioner.


  • Do not sleep with your hair wet. Ensure that your hair is dry and tied up in a pony tail before you go to bed to prevent tangling.

Hair care products

  • Use professional salon home care products. Note that too much conditioner or other hair care products can cause build-up, tangling and slipping.
  • Avoid hair products that contain a lot of alcohol, which makes hair dry as well as products that contain too much oil and waxes that can result in your hair shedding and slipping. A spray on conditioner is ideal to be applied onto the ends of your hair and the extensions.

Hair treatments:

  • Extensions can be darkened if done by a professional hairstylist and done with approved salon permanent colours.
  • Keep in mind as with any hair type, darkening will reduce your extensions’ life expectancy.
  • Bleaching of extensions is under no circumstances recommended.

Removing of Bonds

A professional hair stylist or extentionist must install and remove your hair.

Removing M I Z P A H – H A I R by a qualified trained extensionist has a specific procedure.

If the correct procedure is followed there will be no damage to the  M I Z P A H – H A I R as well as  the clients own hair.

M I Z P A H – H A I R can be rebonded after it had been  removed correctly.

In the event of the correct hair care instructions being followed, your natural hair will be left healthy, strong and shiny.